Our Range

Technifire is one of Western Australia’s largest providers of Quick Attack and Medium Fire Appliances, supporting DFES, permanent and volunteer fire fighting agencies and mining and resources clients. The company has built a reputation for design and construction that means appliances are effective at the fire front, compliant on the road (weight) and inclusive of next generation design principles and technologies.

Our Range includes:

DFES 1.4 Tanker

Technifire have recently been awarded a $47.5m contract with DFES to manufacture next generation fire appliances that improve off-road capability, increases crew safety and incorporate future technologies. With between 1,000 and 1,200L of water, they provide increased water capacity on a medium sized and rugged cab-chassis, to get more water to the the fire front more easily and safely, regardless of terrain. Ask our staff for a one-on-one brief of this new platform as it transitions through DFES testing and trials prior to full production.

Ultra Light Tankers

Medium Tankers

Remote Site Ambulances

The Technifire Remote Site Ambulance is based on the Toyota Troop Carrier with the Ferno Intraxx modular system, which provides:

  1. Improved functionality and accessibility to medical equipment by medical staff.
  2. Internal space saving.
  3. Next generation design compared to current industry trends.